Marketing widgets is vastly different from selling a professional service or technology.

Tighter budgets, return on investment (ROI), more to do with less time. These are just some of the challenges firms face with marketing efforts. With decades of experience guiding firms and industry associations through the marketing and public relations process, CCI understands the challenges you face and develops solutions.

Instead of just simply implementing tactics, we work with you to develop a marketing strategy that helps you accomplish your goals while adhering to your vision and mission.

Responsiveness is the hallmark of our business and we understand what editors want. Unlike many other firms, CCI provides measurable results in the form of ROI for marketing initiatives. This arms you with powerful data to share with your team. CCI helps you grow your business and position your firm as an industry leader.


The CCI Advantage

Founded in 2001
Decades of cumulative experience
Comprised of former industry editors, sales professionals and B2B marketing directors
Specializing in the AEC and other technical industries
Known as the most responsive firm in the industry
Experts in social media marketing campaigns for outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Electronic and corporate communication campaign specialists
Marketing, strategic and crisis communication planning

I’ve worked with Constructive Communication since 2001 and I want to continue to work with CCI during the years ahead for many reasons. They do not over-promise. They deliver material on time. They are sensitive to fluctuations of project budgets and they work with you. If they can’t knock out what you want ASAP, they find someone who can. If it’s a holiday or a time crunch, or a forgotten detail you just remembered, they work it into their schedule — accommodating you and taking care of it. They know we have hundreds of writers and editors out there to choose from and they fight for business like it was day one and they were hungry. They are talented, hip, knowledgeable, friendly and reasonable.

— Rob Krebs, Director of Communications for the Plastics Division American Chemistry Council
(This is a personal opinion statement and does not represent the views of the American Chemistry Council or its members.)