What’s one of the best ways to get your message heard? Have other people tell it for you, of course. This adage holds even more true when it comes to social media. People are going to trust other people before they trust a business.

But finding influencers and advocates online can be a long, time consuming (and costly) endeavor. What you may not realize is your best advocates are the people all around you – your employees and coworkers. Your company’s employees are a key way to build brand awareness, improve your reputation and expand your social reach.

LinkedIn recently released this infographic highlighting the importance of activating your employees on social media. Here are some key statistics from the infographic:

  • On average, a company’s employees have 10x as many LinkedIn connections as the company has followers
  • Even when sharing the same content, on average employees see a 2x higher click-through rate than their company sees
  • While only 3 percent of employees share company content, those shares are responsible for driving a 30 percent increase in engagement

As the stats above demonstrate, employees give your brand credibility. Many companies now have formal employee advocacy programs in place, but if you just want to test the waters, here are some easy ways to encourage your employees to become brand advocates:

  • Let employees know about your social networks. You’d be surprised how many may not realize you have a Facebook page or are active on Twitter. Encourage them to share company posts and tag your company on their personal social networks. (This is also a good time to review your social media policy so that employees know what is and is not acceptable to post online, as well as if they can use social media on company time.)
  • Consider an internal contest or some other incentive to get employees excited about being social media advocates for the company. This could be as simple as a pizza lunch to reward employees for their participation.
  • Get employees involved in content creation – ask them for ideas of what to post online and what they like to read online.

In most cases, employees are already some of your biggest fans, so utilize them to help build brand awareness and positive sentiment about your company online. Need help getting started? Contact us to help turn your employees into your company’s strongest advocates.