I’ve heard a lot of buzz lately about blogging for business and folks asking should my business Blog? Businesses should think of a blog as a home base for company news and opinions, and as a venue to disseminate information about their products and services. Blogs can generate sales leads by attracting potential customers to the site. They help a company to establish themselves as experts in a particular product line or service, and are a good for generating conversation about a product or service.

When writing a blog, it is important to define what the goals and objectives are so that anyone writing for the blog knows who the audience is and what results are expected. Here are a few tips when writing a blog:

  • End a blog entry with a question – such as “What are your thoughts?”- to promote a dialog with your community.
  • Negative Responses –It is best to answer the comment and get the respondent “off the line” as soon as possible. Direct them to an email address or phone number for more information. Always respond authentically, but if a comment is very defamatory – just delete it!
  • Writer’s Block – If  you’re “stuck” on what to write about consider using guest bloggers occasionally. Keep up-to-date with current news about your topic.
  • Compile “Top 10 Lists” – The Top 10 ways to do something; The Top 10 features of a  product or service; The Top 10 problems in an industry.
  • What are people struggling with in your industry? Follow other experts in your industry to get ideas for blogs.
  • Think Like A Journalist!

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CCI has extensive experience in setting up blogs and helping businesses find their blog niche. We would love to show you how to get started communicating with your audience and before you know it, you will be blogging too! Ready to get started?