In any corporate setting, employees are inundated with information on a daily basis. From corporate announcements and HR reminders to job postings and management changes, the constant flow of information can get off track quickly and fail to reach the right audience. Combatting this challenge in the workplace is an ongoing issue, but we found a few pointers to help you keep your employees updated to ensure they know what it is they are being asked to do and why.

What do you need to share with your employees? Start with all policies and procedures pertaining to workplace behavior, online participation and interoffice socializing. Then, think about what your employees need to know and understand about corporate changes, be it company mergers and acquisitions, management changes or job openings. Any information you can gather in an organized fashion and push out to your workers is key. And, don’t forget about providing tip sheets or a list of best practices – this can include safety procedures from around the office or out in the field, organizational skills to consider, innovation processes, or tips on how to go green and motivate staff members.

There are several ways you can share information once you have the content organized in order of importance. Some examples include internal electronic communications, intranet platforms, or online social media channels like a private LinkedIn group. Further, mobile communication has become popular in many settings and could be a useful tool to stay connected. Creating a corporate blog that folks can follow on their smart phones could improve the probability of information being received. These are all great tools to spread a consistent message; however, some may argue that the best way to communicate is still in person. While this is always appreciated and can be a morale boost to any employee, it may not always be possible in larger corporations. Regardless of your preferred method, be consistent and keep the communication flowing.

Have a unique way that you communicate with your employees? Share your ideas and thoughts with us!