We all face a constant “bombardment” of time demands as we work through our workday – phone calls, emails, keeping up with social media, project deadlines, business travel, etc. This is especially true for Internal Communicators, who are also tasked with managing employee communications and feedback.

According to a report from Lawrence Ragan Communications, Inc./Newsweaver, “Time Management and Productivity: A Guide for Corporate Communicators,” while many internal communicators agree that it is important to measure the impact of their work, they cannot always find the time to measure the effectiveness of their internal communications. By learning how to get results, internal communicators can justify the time spent on measuring the effectiveness of the communications they produce.

Here are some time-saving tips for making internal communications a key driver of employee engagement:

• Align content with your business goals – Develop a strategic plan and make sure that the messages communicated will result in the needed employee action
• Use analytics to save time and increase productivity – Don’t just create content. Use measurement and evaluation tools (such as “like” and comment functions) to demonstrate the communications’ effectiveness
• Set deadlines – Set-up a documented process for reviewing content drafts and design plans, so that approvals can be completed on time
• Use email judiciously – When sending email messages to employees, keep the message simple and concise. If you have multiple email messages to send, consider consolidating them into a newsletter that can be sent on a weekly or monthly basis
• Use rich media – Rich media, such as video, can get your message across more quickly than with text. Make sure the video can be viewed easily on smartphones and tablets
• Make meetings productive – Whether in-person, online or over the phone, meetings should have an agenda and a goal. To maximize time, keep meetings short, to the point, and set a start and end time

Regain control of your day and your internal communications plans by using your time wisely and using measurement techniques to meet your goals.