Leveraging Social Media for Communication Success

Social networking is the leading phenomena in modern society. You likely hear mentions of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube on a daily basis, regardless of whether or not you participate. Simply, social media is about dialogue, two-way discussions that bring people together to discover and share information.

Using best practices and lessons learned, Constructive Communication, Inc. has the expertise to help you succeed with social assets. Our approach begins with training and then the development of strategy to ensure your efforts create results.

Our Social Media Clients Include:


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Constructive Communication, Inc. provides the following services:

Introductory and advanced training sessions on social media
Research of where your target audience is interacting
Development of strategy and key tactics
Social Media Policy development
Creation of Wikipedia articles
Development of interactions on social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Ning and many others
Monitoring of conversations on social media
Measuring influence and recording ROI

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Additional Documentation for Social Media Services
Understanding Social Media
Engaging in Social Media
Social Media Outlets
Twitter Fact Sheet
Social Media FAQs

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Joining the conversation on Twitter and Facebook was a new step for A.H. Harris. After conducting market research, we found it was the right fit for our brand. With our primary goals involving branding, personalizing our company and reaching a new audience, we enlisted the help of CCI. They had the expertise – and the patience – to help us further identify our goals and design professional pages. They also helped collect timely and relevant posts and made sure our page was up-to-date. We have been very pleased with the results so far and look forward to furthering our involvement in social media and our relationship with CCI.

Sally Harris, Director of Marketing Communications, A.H. Harris & Sons, Inc.