Tell a compelling story with videos.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? With 90 percent of online customers reporting that they find videos helpful to their decision-making process, this valuable marketing tool is one your company or organization must have in its arsenal to remain competitive.

Whether you’re answering questions about your industry, spotlighting your services or products, providing helpful how-to advice or sharing the time-lapse progress of a big project, videos are a crucial part of the selling process – and that includes selling your image to your audience.

Visit our YouTube channel for all our videos, including the CCI Marketing Minute, whiteboard videos and various projects done for clients, and check out our infographic to learn more about video  marketing best practices.

Whiteboard Videos


Constructive Communication is stellar. They have worked with my company, LORD Corporation, for more than a decade. The team is thorough, knowledgeable and attentive. They are my go-to source when I need to brainstorm strategies and get a sense of market needs. I highly recommend the CCI team.

— Melea Dixon, former Marketing Communications and PR Professional, LORD Corporation

CCI has helped ACI develop many successful communications and program-launch campaigns by integrating key message development, online and traditional marketing, public relations, and so much more. Kimberly had even recommended Facebook to us years before its popularity skyrocketed; I wish we had followed her advice then.

— Kevin P. Mlutkowski, Director of Sustainability & Marketing, American Concrete Institute