Marketing professionals often tell their clients that people have to “trust their brand.”

When I first started reading this now-common advice, it seemed more than surprising – it seemed a bit saccharine. After all, ‘trust’ had always been a word reserved for one-on-one — and usually deep or long term — personal relationships. To use it in a marketing context seemed to border upon the insincere.

However, once I began to pay attention to my own responses to branding, I began to realize that some of them could, in fact, be considered matters of trust. For example:

  • Recently, while traveling, I needed quick access to a wi-fi connection to send an email. I headed straight to a Starbucks. Even when I saw that all of the tables were taken and I would have to pull an unused chair to the corner in order to have a work surface, I didn’t worry too much – I knew that the Starbucks employees could be counted on to be polite and helpful if my ad-hoc office arrangement was causing a problem. I trusted them!
  • Again while traveling (what a busy summer!), I needed to find a dry cleaner in an unfamiliar area. I was quite relieved when I spotted a storefront branded ‘Tide.’ I instantly believed that I could count on the facility to be clean and the people to be friendly, fast and thorough – all because I trusted a brand.

What are your own responses to brands? Do you have similar experiences to mine – ones where you were perhaps caught by surprise by your own thought process?

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