This issue, we interviewed Jake Steinberg, 2014 President for the International Grooving & Grinding Association (IGGA). Read on to learn more about his marketing viewpoints:

Q: Why do you think public relations is an effective marketing tool?
A: The IGGA recently embarked on a public relations campaign to educate the public about the Next Generation Concrete Surface (NGCS). We distributed a press release and used social media to share our message with the public, which resulted in a front page article in the Duluth News Tribune, lauding the success of the new concrete surface treatment. This media attention is thanks to the power of the public relations campaign we put into place. This is new to IGGA and it has been a cost-effective way to reach our target audience and gain credibility for what we are trying to do. The biggest benefit has been the ability to reach people we couldn’t before within our own network – broadening our audience is a success in itself.

Q: What advice do you have for someone just embarking on a PR program?
A: Identify your target audience and keep in mind your vision of where you want the message to go. This may sound obvious, but if overlooked, you could miss the mark and risk not getting your message received. Couple this with using the most effective channels for the decision makers to move your message forward, and you will have a successful result. One more important piece of the puzzle is having the right people in place to respond. Once you send your message out to the public, you have to have a plan of action to handle questions, comments or counter conflicting information or issues that may arise. Keeping the conversation moving, no matter what the response, is the key to making your message stick.