Do you ever talk yourself out of being good at something? Your own fears take over and you don’t even give yourself a chance. You feel like a fish out of water and convince yourself that you’re not good at the task, and feel that therefore, you will fail.
Everyone, yes everyone, has those feelings sometimes. It could be that you need to pick up a phone and challenge a bill, negotiate with a car salesman, or have a challenging conversation with a customer. When you feel out of your element, especially when it involves a confrontation, it’s hard to be confident. But, are you really not good at these conversations? Or is it that you just haven’t had a lot of experience?
You know what you are good at – and that didn’t happen overnight. Just don’t be so sure you’re not good at what gives you the jitters. Think about it. Step aside from the situation and calm yourself down. Rehearse your conversation. Take it step by step with what approach you will follow. Make notes. Use the skills you know you do have to approach the situation you are facing. Remember, just because something is intimidating, doesn’t mean you’re not good at it. Focus on the people who will benefit from your success and you’ll find that you’ve developed a new talent.
See? You’ve now added a new ability to your growing list of talents. Keep it up – you’ll surprise yourself!