You’re not alone. Many companies now see the value of producing a video that showcases their product or technology. Having a video on your own website can increase the number of page-views dramatically. Editors on third-party media sites are often looking for high quality video to run on their sites, as well. But don’t rush to set up your camera just yet.

While the technological hurdles of filming and editing may be uppermost in your mind – tempting you to just tackle them and move on — you need to stop and develop a clear strategy first. Sam Simon of Cygnus Interactive (a Division of Cygnus B2B) shared information on producing a video via webinar for the Construction Writers Association. According to Simon, the first step is to identify your business objective. Is it to attract more visitors? Increase sales opportunities? Determining what your goals are will help shape the entire project.

Once you know what your desired outcomes are, it will be easier to decide what kind of content and program format you need to offer. Are you going to curate other peoples’ material from YouTube? Shoot onsite video? Interview experts? Whatever direction you go, be sure that the video content you produce fits easily into existing company marketing collateral. And don’t forget to use the same marketing devices that you use in your print or web offerings, such as calls to action and giving a shout out to industry colleagues. That kind of direct request for communication works even when delivered via video!

You’ll still need to face those technological hurdles. Constructive Communication, Inc.’s marketing tip sheet “Video Quality & Best Practices” can help you figure out what equipment to use and how to upload your finished file to a website.

More details on uploading HD video to YouTube can be read here.

Once you’ve had your first success, share your story with us.  Or if you’re having trouble, contact us to see how we can help!