I have been part of the media for more than 20 years so sometimes I fall in the mindset that I know all I need to know about the topic. But, we can all learn new tricks. To this end, I recently sat in on a Media Training Master Class webinar by Ragan Webinars.  I was quickly reminded that there is always a new twist to consider when obtaining media coverage for your company or product. Here are some things I learned…

What is the media today?
It is key to recognize and appreciate that the media has the ability to project your message to your specific audience and build awareness of your organization, brand and leaders. By fostering a close relationship with the media, you can become a go-to source for them.

The media of today has radically changed since even as recently as the early 2000s. Today, there are no gatekeepers of information. Information used to go slowly through so many layers of checks. Today it is meant to be quickly disseminated on Twitter, Facebook or onto a website – and that speed of dissemination can lead to inaccurate or questionable information. Content creation is exploding and the press has even smaller staffs than in the 2000s. The editors are stretched thin to find enough time to produce all of the information they constantly need. And that is where we can help. We at CCI can provide accurate content on your company and products in the format the editors need. The editors need reliable sources that can provide information that they know will be factual and usable. They need the information right the first time because they don’t have time for elaborate checks.

What are editors looking for?
The media is looking for a fresh angle or solution for the problems found on jobsite, in your plant or in your industry. What is your company’s point of view? How can your products or services provide a fresh solution to a challenge? It can’t be a boring – “we are better.” Editors want authenticity. Make it real. Tell a story. We as humans connect though how challenges are overcome. A human viewpoint is so valuable. Facts and figures are important, but not enough.

What does the media want from you?
There are some easy methods to remember. The first is the three Cs – Crisis, Conflict and Controversy. And we hope that most of the news we at CCI work on for you does not fall in that area. The other area is providing timely, interesting news that will alter workflow or help others on projects. What can be done to make everyone’s work quicker, safer, better and less costly?

It’s important to understand what the media does and be responsive to them when they reach out to you. The media is looking for information and stories so talk straight and help them educate their audience. Provide quotes with a point of view that provides a human element to your information.

You can paint a picture that makes your message and facts come alive. Using human beings, concrete examples and jobsite experiences, the information is more easily understood and enjoyed.

Let CCI help you reach out to the media with educational jobsite case histories on your product. We can help make your work come alive to them! Contact us today – we’re here to help.